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Rewards Program

The Washington Deluxe "Loyalty Rewards Program" is our way of saying thank you for traveling with Washington Deluxe. Join the rewards program and start earning points toward your free trips today!

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Joining the rewards program, earning points and redeeming free trips is free and easy. Earn 1 point for every DC to NY or New York City to Washington DC bus reservation.

1. Register as a Washington Deluxe member

If you have not yet enrolled, click here and complete the online form. There are no charges or annual fees whatsoever in registering as a Washington Deluxe Bus member.

2. Start earning points

Once registered, you don't have to do anything else to start earning points. You will earn 1 point for every one way reservation and 2 points for every round trip reservation when booking a reservation with Washington Deluxe (if reserving multiple seats you earn multiple points). The points will automatically be credited to your Washington Deluxe membership account after the reservation has been completed.

3. Redeeming your points for free trips

Once you have enough points to claim your free trip on a DC to NY or New York City to Washington DC bus, simply log in to your account and follow the steps to book a reservation as you would without points. At checkout, you will be given the option to redeem your points. Make sure to check the box "Redeem Points" and click on the "Purchase Tickets" button to finalize the reservation.

Using Points:

You have the option of using points each time you make a reservation on the Washington Deluxe web site provided you have enough points. In order to redeem points for a DC to NY or New York City to Washington DC bus ticket, you must have earned enough points prior to the time of your reservation to purchase at least one one-way ticket.

Points for a Free Trip:

In order to qualify for a free one-way trip when purchasing a one-way ticket, you must have earned at minimum of 8 points, or when reserving a round-trip ticket, you must have earned a minimum of 16 points in order to earn a free one-way trip.

Using your points for part of a transaction:

If you do not have enough points in your account to cover the whole transaction of seats you are purchasing, and you decide to redeem your points at that time, our system will deduct the points you do have towards the portion of the trip that it covers. You will be charged for the remaining portion that you are purchasing only, and you will earn additional points for such seats. Example: you have 12 points in your account, and you want to purchase a round trip ticket. So you have enough points to cover the outbound portion of your trip (8 points), but not enough to cover your return portion. In this scenario if you do not click the redeem points checkbox, you will be charged the full fare round-trip fare and you will earn 2 additional points in your account. If you do redeem your points, you will use 8 of your points for the outbound portion of your trip, and we will charge your credit card for the return portion only. In this case you will also earn 1 point for the return portion of your trip that you just paid for.

Washington Deluxe Bus Rewards:

  • Have no blackout dates.

  • Have no initial or annual fees.

  • The points never expire.

  • Can be earned and redeemed on any Washington Deluxe Bus schedule.

  • Points are issued automatically.

Note: The rewards will only be issued to your account if you are a Washington Deluxe member and logged in to your account when booking the reservation.

Redeeming hard paper coupons

Hard coupons cannot be redeemed online. Please create an account with us online and mail the coupons to our office. Please include your NAME AND EAMIL ADDRESS so that our staff may look up your account and then credit points to your account. Each pink coupon will translate into one point and each blue coupon will translate into 2 points.

Address to mail paper coupons:
Washington Deluxe,
320 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Points will not be issued for seats that have been reserved through independent vendors. Only reservations that have been booked on this website ( will earn rewards. Additionally it is important to note that only tickets purchased at full value earn points. Any tickets purchased with promotional or seasonal specials or deals that we offer from time to time do not earn points.

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